Sophos Antivirus Download and Review

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 Sophos Antivirus Security Information

Sophos Antivirus Download    Sophos Download

        I began to use Sophos because it was provided for free from my University. I am happy to report that the software has worked excellent over the past 4 years. I have actually installed Sophos on one of my most important computers, a Windows 2003 web server.  I did this because I really like the sensitivity of Sophos's active protection.  I don't think that I have found an antivirus program that offers as in depth information about a virus alert.  In addition, Sophos gives you the option to instantly send in a suspicious file to their virus specialists. I haven't used an antivirus with this instant send capability. Sophos's virus database is also extremely extensive. I have frequently stumbled upon Sophos's virus information site because I wanted to know more about another antiviruses products virus alert!  Sophos has also recently revamped their antivirus user interface to a more simplistic design resembling Windows Vista Explorer. It is very easy to schedule a scan.  Finally, the software downloads updates on practically an hourly basis.  Every time I have checked Sophos's updater I have seen an update for the matching day. 

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  Sophos Free Threat Detection Test

Sophos Threat Detection Test  Sophos Online Scanner

   I recently stumbled across Sophos's new threat detection test.  This is an online antivirus scanner that will allow you to scan your computer for the latest virus threats.  This tool also provides another useful advantage. If you already have antivirus software installed on your computer, you can easily check the effectiveness of your antivirus.  The software can test your system with the following antivirus metrics. First, the software can determine your computer's capability in detecting zero day threats or viruses that have just been released onto the internet.  The software can also help with additional protection from Sophos's dimension of detection capability.

Vist the Treat Detection Online Scanner website. Click here to visit the Sophos Threat Detection Website.

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