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  • Freeware

  • Scans viruses with Symantec Norton Antivirus Technology

  • Automatically updates to the latest virus definitions

  • Can be run regardless of any other antivirus installed

  • Uses very little system resources

  • Can Schedule Scans

  • Very Easy to use

  • Published by the World's Leading Antivirus Company Symantec

  • Interface does not have some advanced features

  • Sometimes lacks some additional details about the viruses detected.

  • Does not come installed on a CD

  • Always on protection is not available

    Overall Verdict: 5 out of 6 stars review (5 out of 6 Stars) - Great Rating -

  •  Final Thoughts: The Free download factor is what sold us. There simply aren't that many free full featured antivirus programs.

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Review Text:  By Staff 02/03/2010 -- Questions? here

Norton Security Scan is a great free antivirus. It is a free download from Google included within Google Pack; which is available here. The software installed quickly and without intervention. Upon starting the program, the software will automatically search for and download the latest definitions.  On the lower left hand corner is the ability to schedule scans. This is a great feature not normally included with other free antivirus programs. The antivirus scanning engine is very accurate and reliable given that it is based on Symantec Norton Antivirus technology.  In our tests, it found all the suspect viruses.  The performance even exceeded Free AVG, Avast on normal usage settings.  The memory and CPU utilization while scanning were also lower than the competition. Unfortunately, Norton security scan lacks an auto scanning engine. But this disadvantage can be substantially reduced given the software's ability to schedule scans.  I also often find auto scanning antivirus to use too many resources which significantly slows down everyday computing operations. But even if you decide to have an auto protection antivirus, Norton Security Scan will still give your computer additional protection because different antivirus companies discover viruses at different times. By regularly scanning with Norton Security Scan provided by the world leading antivirus company, Symantec, you can significantly reduce your risk to being susceptible to viruses.

Download Norton Antivirus: You can download Norton Antivirus - Norton Security Scan from the homepage here. Download Norton Security Scan directly HERE


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