September Update Kaspersky and PC tools antivirus

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 Kaspersky Antivirus Free Download
        Kaspersky is probably a foreign name, but one that definitely shouldn't be overlooked.  Kaspersky antivirus protection has been around for many years. Recently, Kaspersky, was selected by the venerable America Online (AOL) to provide free antivirus called, AOL Active Antivirus. The software was an extremely well performing antivirus and detected several viruses on my computer.  Interestingly, Kaspersky detected viruses that had been missed by other antivirus company's software.. At one point, I was in China and I scanned my computer with Kaspersky which detected several seemingly undiscovered chinese viruses. I say undiscovered because I had just scanned my computer with several supposedly reputable antivirus company's online scanners.  Therefore, I can highly recommend Kaspersky antivirus because it has a sort of international ability to detect viruses.  I think any multinational corporation should definitely have Kaspersky antivirus installed on their servers.
  PC tools Antivirus
    Pc tools may ring a bell because they are the award wining company that produced Spyware Doctor. If you continue browse this site, you will be able to find several articles reviewing Spyware Doctor.  Very soon, you will  come to the conclusion that Spyware Doctor is a clearly one of the best anti spyware products on the market. Therefore, nothing less should be expected of PC tools antivirus.  This antivirus software, I believe, has the agility to meet your antivirus demands.  Since PC tools is a smaller company they can respond better to changing virus threats and the market place. Therefore in addition to the Kaspersky antivirus, I recommend you investigate PC tools antivirus given their experience with computer malware.

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